Precision Ag

Precision Farming is a mix of technology and traditional agriculture

Our team of experts has the precision guidance, the documentation and the softwares you are looking for and have the expertise to help you find the perfect combination of agriculture products to optimize your investment.

More and more farmers across the United States and Canada use precision farming technologies for their business and John Deere is always at the forefront of this revolution. Whether you want to gather information, reduce input and labor costs, increase efficiency or better manage your land and water resources, John Deere and the Agritex Group can help.

Please contact one of our Agritex Precision Ag specialists to learn more about our services and products.

John Deere Farmsight

John Deere FarmSight is a complete solution for your farm. It combines your equipment and John Deere’s technology offerings.

With customized services from the Agritex Group. It can also help you easily gather and access data about your machines and your fields.

Intelligent, automated equipment brings more precision, convenience and uptime to your operation. And best of all, it is fully supported by your Agritex Group.


Our Precision Ag Specialists

Christian Hähni
819 229-3686 / 800 284-0644

Agritex Drummondville
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Agritex Québec
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Dominic Plante
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Agritex Berthierville
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Julien Provost
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